Real Fiat 500s Crushed Into 2D Ar

Probably everyone did it with a flower or a leave already: pressing it between the pages of a book to make them last forever. Israeli artist and designer Ron Arad did the same with actual Fiat 500 cars.

Six of his crushed cars have been installed in the Holon Design Museum in Tel Aviv during his exhibition ‘In Reverse’. The 2 dimensional Fiat 500′s are mounted to the walls of the gallery like paintings. They were created by scanning the car, then dissecting the scan into slices to make the mould. The laser cut steel components are made by machine, before they are assembled into the final sculpture. Arad did not aim to mock or destroy the Fiat 500s, but rather to ‘immortalise them’ as they are the national symbol of Italy and associated with a lot of his generation’s ‘firsts’ (car, kiss,etc.).


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