Snow Leopards: Out of the Shadows, published June 2008 in National Geographic Magazine

"I took this photograph in Hemis National Park in Ladahk India. I used 14 camera traps at around 45 locations during seven months of work. It was so cold during the winter that we did not get much snow. At night in the tent it was -40-50 degrees below zero.
This image was taken on May 28th! All these images were gifts. The snow leopard is so elusive, this was a collaborative process between myself and the snow leopard.
I photographed the same cat numerous times. Many of the best images were one of a kind - though some of these cameras were up for the whole 7 months, many of the images were the only image I got of a snow leopard the whole time the camera was up.

It took us four days to get our equipment in by horse and set up a base camp. Snow leopards are habitual: they mark locations by rubbing their necks on rocks to leave a scent, especially during the mating season. To see one, you have to find a trail: you won’t see one just walking around. So I mined the trails where the cat marked with camera traps to obtain these images."

- Steve Winter

Фотограф Steve Winter

15:39 23 April 2010