Blue whale underwater close-up of head and mouth, Mexico

"I was in Sri Lanka for 2.5 months hoping to photograph blue whales, I never took a photo. After returning home to San Diego, i heard about blue whales feeding off the Coronado islands of northern Baja, just south of San Diego. I was sure the sightings were of fin or minke whales, but nonetheless, felt the short trip would be worthwhile.

We took my friend Tom Harmon's boat the next day. The moment we arrived, we saw several blue whales actively feeding. Tom was kind enough to send me in the water first, while he straightened the boat. I dove to thirty feet in what I thought was the whale's intended track. As I reached 30 feet, a blue whale emerged out of a cloud of krill, pleats totally expanded. The whale was so close, it had to change course to avoid me. I have dived with blue whales many times since, but never like this. I was using a nikonos v with a 15 mm lens with fuji astia film, but was able to shoot only 2 frames."

- Doc White

Фотограф Doc White

15:38 23 April 2010