Reflection pond, Denali National Park, Alaska, 1986.

The powerful color saturation of the diverse subjects in this image of Reflection Pond at dawn in Alaska’s Denali National Park is due to several factors coming together. The foliage is wet, close to the lens, and in soft light. The grass is lit by the sun’s first rays. Rowell shares with us his intimate view of one of nature’s grandest landscapes captured during a decisive moment of misty morning light.

"Photography at its birth was a medium of light, and many photographers then and in recent years have made light the subject of their images. Rowell, with his 35mm equipment and adventurous spirit, was someone who both traveled light and traveled with the light. His faith in the revelatory powers of light as it appears on film coincided with a deep conviction in the power of images to reflect the aspirations of the human spirit. If we take his pictures to be visualizations of what he saw as the magnificence of the natural world, then we might also see them as metaphors for our own perfectability." –Andy Grundberg

Фотограф Galen Rowell

15:33 23 April 2010